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EzRepo - Database Access


The EzModel Repo decorates the instance with the instance.repo, which is a TypeORM Repository

Use Case

If you want to create a model in the database, but do not wish to have auto generated routes for it you can use the EzRepo


const privateModel = new EzRepo('PrivateModel', {
var1: Type.VARCHAR,
var2: Type.VARCHAR

app.addApp('PrivateModel', privateModel, { prefix: 'private-model' })

Adding routes

You can add routes to a EzRepo


privateModel.setHandler("Add Routes", async (instance, opts) => {
instance.server.get('/count', async (req, res) => {
const numModels = await instance.repo.count() //We have access to the repo in the instance
return {"numPrivateModels":numModels}