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Custom Engines


Custom engines are extensions of multer compatible storage engines

However, EzBackend requires a third exposed function, _readFile that returns a Readable stream in the callback in order to allow users to download files.

Creating a Custom Engine

From Scratch

To create a Custom Storage Engine, you should extend the abstract class StorageEngine and implement the functions according to the typescript requirements as well as the function specifications below.

You can view an implementation of the disk storage engine to get better idea of how to implement your custom storage engine

class CustomDiskEngine extends StorageEngine {
_handleFile(req: FastifyRequest, file: File, callback: (error?: Error, info?: Partial<File>) => void): void {

_readFile(req: FastifyRequest, file: File, callback: (error: Error, readStrean?: Readable) => void): void {

_removeFile(req: FastifyRequest, file: File, callback: (error?: Error) => void): void {


From existing Multer Storage Engines

As far as possible, EzBackend avoids reinventing the wheel. However,

Function Specification

To create a custom storage engine, you need to expose the following functions:

_readFile - To provide file download capabilities

_removeFile - To provide file removal capabilities

_handleFile - To provide file uplaod capabilities

All three functions are of the same function signature

class CustomStorage extends StorageEngine {
req: FastifyRequest,
file: File,
callback: (error: Error | null, info?: Partial<File>) => void,
): void;

req - A request of type FastifyRequest. Most express-multer storage engines should have enough type overlap with FastifyRequest for this to work out of the box, but be sure to check this before implementation.

file - The metadata of the file being removed/downloaded/uploaded.

callback - A function that returns either an error or null for the error and info for the file's metadata.

The second variable of the callback depends on which function is running

functioncallback var 1callback var 2
_handleFileError (if Any)File info of type Partial<File>
_readFileError (if Any)Readable stream of type Readable (From the built in library stream)
_removeFileError (if Any)undefined

The metadata provided in _handleFile is saved as json data in EzModel whenever a file is uploaded, so any metadata used in _removeFile and _readFile must be provided in the callback